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IDS Indie Dolly

Indie Dolly provides portability and ease of use in a full size system for tracking shots. Track packs into soft cases, dolly folds into compact size, for easy transport.
Comes with the seat and push bar - combine curved and straight track in any combination - can be used on any terrain.

Pricing varies and is based upon the specific model and accessories ordered.

The Indie Dolly is designed to meet the needs of all film/video professionals. Portability and ease of use are combined with the highest demands for quality and performance.

Combine curved with straight track in any combination, even 'S' shapes are no problem. The track is made from the highest grade aluminum and can be used on any terrain.

The Inde Dolly is made of stainless steel and aluminum and works on curved as well as straight track.

It is adjustable in size and doesn't require any tools for setup. It includes the seat and push bar.

Almost any tripod can be fitted on the dolly by using either the supplied recptacles or one of our optional receptacles. Studio wheels are also available.