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Manfrotto 516, 546GBK

Specifically designed for the latest DV camcorders used by documentary and industrial videographers.The 516 head is very compact and light but can support cameras up to 10 kg. The 516 is a cost effective high performance head equipped with fluid cartridges that provide continuous adjustable drag control. This system gives quite a wide range of friction control down to 'zero drag' and operates on both pan and tilt axis. Other important features of the head are: separate tilt and pan locking mechanism; a fixed counter balance spring of 7.5 kg load capacity at a centre of gravity of 125mm; two telescopic pan handles; a bubble level. The head has been designed so it can be mounted on a flat base tripod with a 3/8'' female thread attachment or by attaching the ART 500BALL to the head base, allowing it to fit a 100mm bowl.

Pricing varies and is based upon the specific model and accessories ordered.

additional pan handle 519LV
attaches by. 1/4'' and 3/8'' screws attachment type
attachment 3/8'' female thread attachment type
balance control one fix spring for 7.5kg camera weight
bubble spirit level (no.) 1 number
Color black color
front tilt -60° / +90° tilt range
independent pan lock yes
independent tilt lock yes
material aluminum
maximum working temperature -20 °C
minimum working temperature 60 °C
pan bars included (no.) 2 number
pan drag continuously adjustable from 0 to max level
panoramic rotation 360 °
plate type 357PLV
quick release yes
secondary safety system yes
sliding travel of plate 80 mm
tilt drag continuously adjustable from 0 to max level
safety payload 10 kg
weight 2 kg
working height 12.5 cm