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MYT Glide 4 Foot Slider

The MYT GLIDE is a next generation multi-purpose ultra-lightweight dolly slider that comes equipped with exceptional new features. These revolutionary capabilities provide filmmakers with a tremendous amount of versatility and on-the-spot options for sliding motion whether they are shooting features, documentaries, commercials or industrials. The numerous industry-standard threaded holes that are scattered throughout the plates, handle bracket, and carriage allow for inexhaustible mounting options.
The incredibly light weight of the dolly coupled with its heavy load capacity offers unprecedented flexibility and ease of use for film practice.
Designed by filmmakers for filmmakers everywhere, the MYT GLIDE incorporates all of the options that a camera operator could desire and a whole lot more.

Pricing varies and is based upon the specific model and accessories ordered.

Unique Technology in Camera Slider and Dolly Design
The systems in our MYT family of camera sliders represent a unique technology that radically departs from traditional camera dolly design.
Our patented 3-in-1 system comprises three main components: camera slider track in a length of your choice; wheeled rover dolly with foam rubber wheels; and a cross-compatible camera hi-hat with a bowl or plate mount of your choice.
Our one-latch hi-hat release enables operators to:
- use the camera hi-hat on the slider dolly, flip the latch and lift the hi-hat (fully mounted with camera) from the track
- use the hi-hat as a stand-alone camera support
- take the hi-hat and mount it with the same locking latch on the rover dolly, which is great for low profile shots and rolls smoothly on a wide variety of surfaces
- you can even have multiple camera hi-hat assemblies with various tripod head mounts, fully assembled and ready to use in tandem
We started from the ground up, basing our sliders on a dual extrusion track that is far stronger than the aluminum or stainless steel rails most systems rely on. These tracks are exceptionally strong and far more rigid, boasting imperceptible deflection even with a full camera load at the center. This approach offers many advantages, not least of which being the smoother motion consistency throughout the track length. The strength of the rails also opens up a wider range of support options, and frees operators from the hassle of center mounting.

Our patent-pending bearing design features components of incredible precision, machined to the highest tolerances. Our bearing block is a true industry-first combination of a captive sleeve and proprietary wheel housed to glide on the track. This design allows for an unbelievably smooth motion that is also completely free of the back-and-forth rocking found on most other sliders. Also very important is the clean start and stop on our sliders, which represents what we at MYT consider to be one of the most important aspects of a camera slider.

Some further features of our bearing design:
- braking system that is transferable between the four bearings on each slider
- removable protective cap on the top of each bearing allows for incredibly easy cleaning
- floating design on stainless steel dowel pins that accommodates any variation in temperature and compression/expansion differential
- protective sleeves for the rails
- lubrication-free system with easy maintenance

Our MYT Glide Line of professional camera sliders represents the latest and most advanced approach to camera tracking technology. From the well-respected sliders and rover dollies we've been manufacturing and delivering since 2010, to the exciting new systems we are refining like our high-end GlideStream slider, we offer the most cutting edge solutions for your motion needs. MYT Works is focused on creating the strongest, smoothest, and most portable camera dolly systems available today.