Video Equipment / Telepromptors / 17" Prompter People® ProLine Teleprompter

• Lightweight REVERSING 17" LCD displays
• Adjustable Beamsplitter Height & Angle
• Folds flat for easy and secure transport & storage
• Supports any camera size MiniDV to ENG, and even DSLR Cameras.
• Readable to about 27 feet depending on LCD selected
• Flip-Q Pro USB software for Mac and PC included
• HDMI, Composite & VGA inputs
• Runs on 100-240V AC or 12v DC
• Perfect balance with any size camera
• Premium HD 60/40 or 70/30 glass beamsplitter
• Rear Anti reflection coating
• Completely tool-less setup
• Lightweight aluminum extrusion frames
• Easy Top side camera adjustment
• 3 year warranty on hardware
• Soft padded carry case included


• Teleprompter
• Flip-Q Pro USB Software
• 25' (7.6m) VGA Cable
Flip-Q requirements:
32 bit: Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 -
64 bit: Windows 7
Intel based Apple Mac.

Teleprompter Operating Instructions


There are many ways to configure a Teleprompter. The two most popular are:

1- the Teleprompter on a stand with the camera on its own tripod directly behind the Teleprompter.

2- the Teleprompter & camera mounted together on a heavy duty tripod with brackets.


1- With power OFF, connect laptop to prompter LCD monitor using VGA cable.

2- Run AC power to Laptop & Prompter.

3- Turn ON Prompter LCD, then turn ON Laptop.

4- Right click on computer desktop. Go to ‘PROPERTIES’ on drop down menu.

5- Click ‘SETTINGS’ tab.

6- A window with two monitors will appear. Left hold click on 'Monitor 2', dragging the monitor up & down. Leave monitor ‘2’ next to monitor ‘1’.

7- A dialog box will open & ask ‘…enable this monitor?’, click YES.

8- Click ‘ADVANCED’ button.

9- Click ‘ADAPTOR’ tab.

10- Click ‘LIST ALL MODES’ button.

11- Select ‘800x600 True Color (16bit)’.

12- Click ‘OK’.

13- Click ‘OK’.

14- Click ‘APPLY’

15- Click ‘IDENTIFY’. A big ‘1’ should appear on the Computer Screen & a ‘2’ on the Prompter LCD. (this happens quickly)

16- Click ‘OK’


1- Click on ‘TELEPROMPTER PROGRAM’ shortcut on computer desktop.

2- You can simply type in your dialogue inside the Flip-Q text box or call up your own Microsoft Word file by transferring files via the Thumb Drive provided with our laptop.

3- Once your dialogue is inside the text box, you may notice the screen being black, in which case you cannot see your text. Select all the text (ctrl A) then click on the funky 'a' icon at the top of the toolbar. Change the text ‘Color’ to White & ‘Font Size’ to 48.

4- Within Flip-Q at the bottom right hand corner, there is a Display box. Make sure the ‘Second Display Output’ is set to ‘Mirror Scroll’. This way your text is shown properly, not backwards on the teleprompter.
Note that this may default back to ‘Normal’ during your session.

5- The Teleprompter begins by clicking on the ‘lighting bolt icon’ on the right side of the toolbar. Connect the ‘Scroll Mouse’ to the USB port to dictate speed.

Scroll operation:

Scrolling to the right speeds the scroll. Scrolling to the left slows/reverses it.
The leftmost button acts as the ‘escape key’.

Please be careful with the beamsplitter glass during setup & give us a call with any questions or concerns you may have while in the field - 858.356.0200. The laptop case is also equipped with a lock & key in case you need to step away from a shoot & leave the laptop unattended.

Watch the INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO "How To Setup And Use A Teleprompter"