Lighting / LED / Fiilex 411 Kit

Fiilex 4 light Travel Kit 411

The K411 Light Kit gives you the flexibility you need to match any existing ambient light or to warm up a scene for added depth. Fiilex's patented color tunable technology allows you to comfortably walk into any lighting environment feeling prepared, knowing you have the tools for just about any job that comes your way. Complete in a rolling travel case, the kit comes with two P360 and two P180 color tunable light heads, power adapters, barndoors, light stands, softbox and a speedring. Designed for use as a 4 Light Interview Kit or a traditional 4 Point Light Setup in mind.

$145.00 /per day
Purchase Open Box / Demo kit: Regular $3,349.00 for only $2,846.00
Purchase x-rental kit: Regular $3,349.00 for only $2,495.00