Light Control / Frames & Fabrics

Frame Kit - 6' x 6'

6'x6' snap-a-part frame for light control fabrics.

Frame plus silk, solid, ultra-bounce, single or double scrim and 2
C-Stands - includes Sand Bags

$105 per day

Add additional 6x6 silk, 6x6 ultra bounce or 6x6 solid for only $10 /day.

Knife Blade Frames:
4' x 4'

Designed to support diffusion or gels from Matthews.

Frame only: $10 per day or with Skin:

$15 per day


A have in stock a wide range of scrims, nets, flags - silks & solids. Stop by to see your choices.

Examples: 2x3 flag kit: $25 per day and 18x24 flag kit $20 per day.

Watch a VIDEO TUTORIAL about light control