Lighting / LED / NILA 3 Light VZ Kit

NILA 3 light VZ Kit

The NILA 3 Light Kit includes 2 NILA Varsa Heads and 1 NILA Zaila Head, stands, barn doors and inserts including several CTOs and holographics. Theye are available in daylight or tungsten and they are the next step in the evolution of LED lighting.
The Varsas are an excellent replacement for a 400 watt HMI or a 600 watt tungsten fixture, while drawing a mere 75 watts at 100 percent.
The Zaila replaces those hot and hungry 200W HMIs or 350W tungsten fixtures.
Add the flexibility of the Nila holographic lens system and you have a fixtures that are capable of being both a studio stalwart and a workhorse in the field. The flexible AC/DC inputs makes these especially useful for ENG applications.

$195.00 /per day