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Martin Banks
Main Cog at Video Gear

Hi, I’m Martin,
I started Video Gear because I wanted a place in San Diego where people interested in
video production could go and learn about the equipment before they made an investment.
Now, our clients are asking for us to handle their studio build-outs and to provide training.
It’s exciting for me to see how our clients have grown and the amazing work they produce.
My vision going forward is to help San Diego grow into a city known for it’s inspired filmmakers and visually engaging businesses.

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Jeff Merrill
Studio Development at Video Gear

Hi, I’m Jeff,
I have been with Video Gear since nearly the beginning and have worked in every position.
In equipment rentals I have coordinated productions big and small and became certified on the Steadicam.
In helping clients with equipment purchases, I have worked with shooters nervous about investing in a new tripod and large corporations who are ready to build out a production studio.
On the outside, I can be found at board meetings in the surf with other industry folks, and on set as an actor getting a view from the other side of the lens.

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Michael Caballero
Equipment Technical Manager at Video Gear

Hi, I’m Michael,
I am the technology and systems specialist here at Video Gear. I help our clients and our staff understand changes in technology and how it can affect everyone’s decision making process when investing in new equipment.
When a client buys equipment or installs a system, I take the time to go over operations and functions to make sure they are comfortable with everything.
I'm a member of the unofficial Kodachrome Home Processing Club and I find solace when digging in the crates.

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Nikita Larson
Inventory Control Manager at Video Gear

Hi, I’m Nikita,
Most likely, I’ll be the first person to greet you when you call or visit Video Gear.
I work with clients who are picking up their rental or sales packages to make sure they have everything they ordered.
Since I spend a lot of time helping with rental and sales orders I can also trouble shoot equipment problems and get you on your way quickly.
For some reason, I seem to end up working on personal video shoots with my co-workers.

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Marc Crespo
Rental Inventory Control Manager at Video Gear

Hi, I’m Marc,
I take care of prepping all the equipment before our clients pick it up for their projects.
Prepping rental equipment is a lot like getting ready for a flight to the moon,
because once the equipment leaves our shop, there is no turning back, it has to work, no exceptions.
Prepping equipment that was purchased is different because usually the client is spending time
in our shop learning about how to use it, but still it’s a big deal because it’s got to be right.
I love human connection so I am part of a local improv group.

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Dominique Gilbert
Production Specialist at Video Gear

Hi, I’m Dom,
I am the Production Specialist working most of the time in our Rental Department with Marc Crespo.
My experience on set makes my knowledge base a value to productions of every variety.

Kathy Pendergraph
Accounting and Payroll at Video Gear

Hi, I’m Kathy,
I am the Accounting & Payroll Manager. So I am the one who.....pays the bills.

Mike Brueggemeyer
Studio Design Manager at Video Gear

Hi, I'm Mike,
I am the lighting design and production specialist here at Video Gear.
As the evolution of video on the internet causes more companies to produce video in-house,
I see a unique opportunity to create environments that are easy to work in
and help produce results that reflect the values of the company.
Shooting video is easy; shooting really good video is easy with the right studio design and a good attitude.

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Stuart Allman
Product Evaluation Specialist at Video Gear

Hi, I’m Stuart,
I test and evaluate equipment and write an on-line blog about what I discover. There is an art and a science to video production and I cover both. First I cover the science of video with a thorough technical review, and then the art of production by using the equipment in a real world field production.
In my spare time I work as an engineer at a major corporation in order to feed my video addiction.

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Len Savage
Web Design & Special Projects

Hi, I’m Len,
I am the Webmaster for and I handle the majority of the marketing and print materials projects.
I am proud to be able to share my years of experience in both web design and videography as the owner of a local production company to help put Video Gear firmly On-The-Map.

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